How Many Babysitters Club Books Are There?

The original series consists of 131 novels.

Similarly, How many Baby-Sitters Club books are there in the new series?

Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club COMPLETE SET, Volumes 1-131, is available at Amazon for 9780545403450.

Also, it is asked, What is the last Baby-Sitters Club book?

Day of Graduation

Secondly, Will there be a Baby-Sitters Club book 12 graphic novel?

A Graphix Book (Adapted version) of Jessi’s Secret Language (The Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novel #12) (The Baby-Sitters Club Graphix) Price Promise for Pre-Orders. On September 1st, this book will be launched. On September 1st, this book will be launched.

Also, Are they still making Baby-sitters Club books?

The Impossible and Dawn Boy-Crazy Stacey was released in 2019, Three was released in 2017, Kristy’s Big Day in 2018, and Three. Logan Likes Mary Anne, a book, was released in 2020. Six further graphic novels will be released beginning in 2021, two per year.

People also ask, What age is Baby-Sitters Club books for?

Related Questions and Answers

What is the genre of Claudia and the new girl?

Fiction Theme: Claudia and the New Girl Fiction is any creative work, primarily any narrative work, that depicts people, events, or locations in a manner that is fictitious or at odds with reality, history, or believability. The term “fiction” is used specifically to describe written tales in prose, which are often confined to novels, novellas, and short stories. Wikipedia

How many pages are in the Babysitters Club book 9?

How old is Kristy Thomas?

As Kristy Thomas, Sophie Grace Kristy is meant to be 13 years old in the episode. Sophie is a 15-year-old in real life. Although it’s not a significant change, it does give the actress a little more maturity and equips her to handle any difficult stories that her character may encounter in the show.

How many kids does Ann M Martin have?

Holiday House (New York, NY), Eleven Kids, One Summer, 1991. Bantam (New York, NY), 1992. Enchanted Attic

How old is Ann Martin author?

66 years (Aug.) Age of Ann M. Martin

Where does Ann M Martin live now 2022?

Ann left New York City after many years and now lives with her dog Sadie, her cats Gussie, Willy, and Woody in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. She enjoys reading, sewing, and doing needlework.

How old is Mary Anne from The Baby-Sitters Club?

How many babysitters Little Sister books are there?

The Baby-Sitters Club offshoot series, The Baby-Sitters Little Sister, which has 128 novels and debuted in 1990, will be adapted, according to Scholastic’s Graphix brand, which publishes Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club books.

Is The Baby-Sitters Club appropriate for 8 year olds?

Even though “The Baby-Sitters Club” may be geared at younger audiences, some younger viewers should watch alongside their parents. The Baby-Sitters Club does deal with adult issues that parents may wish to address with their younger children, even though most parents would say that it’s acceptable for anybody above the age of 8.

Are Claudia and Ashley dating?

When Janine is compelled to inform Claudia that Ashley is her lover in order to appease her sister’s irate outburst over her desire to gift her a piece of jewelry that had formerly belonged to Mimi, this is made clearly evident in “Claudia and the Sad Goodbye.”

What order do the Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels go in?

Kristy’s Great Idea, Book 1. Kristy’s Great Idea, Book 1. The Truth About Stacey, Book 2. Mary Anne Saves the Day, books 2 and 3. Book 3. Claudia and Mean Janine, Book 4. Dawn and the Impossible Three is the fourth book. Kristy’s Big Day, Book 5. Book 6. Book 6. Boy-Crazy Stacey, Book 7. Logan Likes Mary Anne! Book 7. Book 8. Book 8.

Who wrote the Babysitters Club graphic novels?

Martin, Ann M. Gale GalliganRaina Telgemeier

Does The Baby-Sitters Club have Lgbtq?

A white suburban nightmare of heterosexual bliss and kids, babies, babies was the setting for The Baby-Sitters Club. Martin’s queerness is yet evident on every page. Readers may savor a world where females are at its core in The Baby-Sitters Club novels.

Is Dawn different in season 2 of Babysitters Club?

You may be wondering why the cast looks a bit different this time around as the crew is back for more adventures in season two. A new actress, Kyndra Sanchez, will take over the role of Dawn Schafer, who was previously played by Xochitl Gomez in Season 1.

What age is Shay Rudolph?

16 years (Septem) Age of Shay Rudolph

Does Stacey leave The Baby-Sitters Club?

In Book #83, Stacey left The Baby-Sitters Club. Stacey battled the BSC but subsequently returned. She referred to herself as The New York Branch Of The Baby-Sitters Club after returning to New York City in Book #13, Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. In order to get sitting gigs, she used to post notices in the laundry room of her NYC apartment.

What is Baby-Sitters Club book 11 graphic novel about?

Stacey McGill is relocating to New York again! That eliminates Charlotte Johanssen, Stoneybrook Middle School, and worst of all, the Baby-Sitters Club. When Stacey’s friends, notably Claudia, learn that she is relocating, they are devastated. Her closest buddy is Stacey.

What happened to The Baby-Sitters Club?

After two seasons, Netflix has canceled the teen-focused sitcom The Baby-Sitters Club. The choice was made five months after the second season of the program premiered on the streaming service. based on the enduring Ann M. series of books.

How many pages are in the Babysitters Club Claudia and the new girl?

Does Ann M Martin have pets?

Ann left New York City after many years and now lives with her dog Sadie, her cats Gussie, Willy, and Woody in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York.

Where is Ann M Martin from?

Princeton, New JerseyAnn M. Martin’s birthplace

What college did Ann M Martin go to?

Princeton High SchoolSmith College

What did Ann Martin write?

Together with Laura Godwin, she also penned the Brian Selznick-illustrated The Doll People novels. The ASPCA Henry Bergh Children’s Book Award went to her book A Dog’s Life: The Autobiography of a Stray. Ann splits her time between upstate New York and New York City.

Is Stoneybrook Connecticut a real place?

Connecticut’s Stoneybrook is a made-up suburban community. Many of the characters from both The Baby-Sitters Club and Baby-Sitters Little Sister series call it home. It is close to Stamford, Connecticut.


There are 10 books in the “Baby-sitters Club” series. The first book was published on October 27, 1986 and the last book was published on October 26, 1998. There are also 10 graphic novels that were released between 1987 and 1998.

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