How To Cite A Book Chapter Mla?

A book chapter should be cited using the following MLA guidelines: Author(sAuthor(s A writer or poet who creates or originates a written work, such as a book or play, is referred to as an author. An author is more generally defined as “the person who originated or gave life to something,” and the determination of their authorship establishes their legal liability for the work they produced. Author of Chapter (Author – Wikipedia, “Chapter Title: Chapter Subtitle.” Book title, edited by Book editor, PublisherBook publisher Making information, books, music, software, and other items accessible to the public, whether for a fee or for free, is known as publishing. The phrase has historically been used to describe the production and dissemination of printed materials including books, newspapers, and magazines. Wiki Publishing Wikipedia’s publication date and page numbers.

Similarly, How do you in-text cite a chapter in a book?

Article or Chapter in a Book That Has Been EditedGeneral Format Citation in text (paraphrasing): (Author Surname [of Chapter or Article], Year) Citation (Quotation) in the text: (Author Surname [of Chapter or Article], Year, page number) references (quotation): author surname, first initial, or chapter title [of chapter or article].

Also, it is asked, How do you cite a chapter and page number in MLA?

Last name, first name of the author. The chapter’s “Title.” Title of the book, name of the editor, publisher, year, and page number (s)

Secondly, How do you cite part of a chapter?

Simply include that information in the text citation if you need to mention a part inside a component, such as a row within a table (e.g., Smith, 2013, Table 1, column 4). Be aware that there is a different structure to follow if you wish to reference a chapter in an edited book.

Also, How do you cite a chapter in a book 9 in MLA?

Chapter or section title.” The work’s title. edited or translated by First name last name, volume number, publisher, publication year, and page number (s). Linn, Washington

People also ask, Are book chapters italicized?

Books: The names of books are italicized. Italics are not used for chapter titles.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you cite a chapter title in an essay?

If a source is a component of a bigger work, enclose its titles in quotation marks. Quote marks are used around books, chapters, poetry, websites, music, and speeches.

What is MLA citation example?

Using In-text Citations The MLA in-text citation style employs the last name of the author and the specific page where the quote or paraphrase appears, as in: (Smith 163). Do not add a page number in the parenthetical reference if the source does not utilize page numbers: (Smith)

How do you cite a page number in a book?

Using In-Text Citations The APA style employs the last name of the author and the year of publication, as in: (Field, 2005). Include the page number with any direct quotes, as in: (Field, 2005, p. 14)

How do you cite a chapter in a paragraph?

Author, Name format. Title of E-Book, edited by Name Q. Editor, Publisher, Year, Chapter/Section/Paragraph Number, “Chapter, Essay, or Section Title.”

How do you write a chapter in a book example?

How Do I Write a Chapter for a Book? Gather Information That Is Relevant in Step 1. Create the chapter structure in step two. Write an engaging chapter title or heading as the third step. Build an Entertaining Introduction in Step 4. Step 5: Describe the Chapter’s Main Points in More Detail. Summarize the chapter in Step 6

How do you cite 9 in MLA?

Core Elements of MLA 9th Edition Author. Source’s name. Container’s name. other authors. Version.Number.Publisher. Date of publication.

How do you cite 9 in-text MLA?

The author’s last name and the page number where the information was located are combined into a shorter citation style that is used by MLA 9th edition. After the in-text citations, punctuation marks such commas, periods, question marks, and semicolons are often used.

What is the difference between MLA 8 and MLA 9?

Compared to the eighth edition, which was published in April 2016, the MLA 9 Handbook has a large amount more information. 146 pages are in MLA 8 whereas 367 are in MLA 9. The following extra chapters help to explain the lengthening: a section devoted to MLA paper formatting.

Are chapter titles italicized MLA?

Instead of being italicized, the title of a chapter, short story, or poem included in a collection is put in quotation marks.

Are books italicized in MLA?

Italicized or contained in quotation marks are both acceptable for titles. Italicize the names of independent, stand-alone works (such as books) and containers (such as anthologies). Titles that are part of longer works, such short tales, should be surrounded by quotation marks.

Do you quote book chapters?

You should typically credit the whole book when all the chapters were authored by the same author (or group of writers), however certain styles allow for exceptions. Even if you simply quote or paraphrase from one chapter of a single-author book, you must always mention the whole work in APA style.

How do you introduce a book chapter in an essay?

Each chapter title should be surrounded by double quotation marks. “A Mid-November Day on the Mountain” would be the title of the chapter if it were structured properly. Cite the entire title and name of the author of the book. Give the author all due credit, either in your essay’s main body or in an annexed bibliography.

How do you cite MLA 8?

The article or entry’s “Title.” Volume, Title, and Volume Number of the Reference Work Publisher, Place of Publication, and Year of Publication.

What is in-text citation example?

Using In-Text Citations The APA style employs the last name of the author and the year of publication, as in: (Field, 2005). Include the page number with any direct quotes, as in: (Field, 2005, p. 14). Use a paragraph number for sources like websites and e-books that lack page numbers.

How do you properly cite a source?

The names of the writers are often included in a bibliography. the names of the pieces. the names and locations of the businesses that released the sources you used for your copies. the dates when your copies went on sale. your sources’ page numbers (if they are part of multi-source volumes)

Are citations on a separate page in MLA?

A second page at the conclusion of your work should include your Works Cited list. At the top of the page, center the title Works Cited. (Use the heading Work Cited if you are referencing only one source.)

How do you cite a book example?

You must provide a short in-text citation and a reference that includes the book’s author, title, publisher, and year of publication in order to properly cite a work. Using MLA style to cite a book. MLA style Last name of author, first name. Book Name: Edition, Publisher, and Year of Subtitle In-text citation in MLA (Donaldson 73) A further row.

How DOI cite an online book in MLA?

Internet Books (books with URLs or DOIs, accessed on the web) the author (Last name, first name). Book’s title. A version (if available), the author (if available), Online publishing year. URL (without the http:// or https://) or DOI number, together with the name of the website or database.

How do you cite a book in an essay?

The author’s last name and a page number in parentheses are included in in-text citations. “This is an exact quotation” (Smith 8). Use the initial word or words of the title if the author’s name is not stated. Use the same style, such as quote marks, as in the books referenced list.

How do you reference a chapter in a book with different authors?

You must describe the chapter and the book in which you read it if you are citing a work that has chapters authored by other writers. Initial of family name (S). Year. Chapter heading.

How do you cite a section?

Consequently, the appropriate citation style is: the title digit. The code’s shorthand is utilized (here, U.S.C.A. or U.S.C.S.) the section number, a space, and the section symbol () that represents the law. The author’s last name (West or LexisNexis) the code’s creation year.

How do you cite a chapter in an anthology MLA?

Author’s first name and last name. Title of the Book Section Being Citated Anthology’s name. First and last names, edition (if any), publisher, date, and page, edited (s). * Please note that, unlike in the example below, the in-text reference should just include the number itself without the p.

Does a book chapter count as a publication?

A book chapter is essentially a form of article that is published in a book, albeit it is often not submitted to peer review. However, this kind of paper receives a lot of citations on Google Scholar. Book chapters are cited less often in subscription databases than peer-reviewed papers.


To cite a book in mla, the author’s name is put in the first sentence. The book title is then put in the second sentence and then followed by “in” followed by the page number.

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