How To Return A Book On Audible?

Sign into your account and go to your Purchase History. Find the book you’d want to return. Return this title by clicking it. Please click Confirm.

Similarly, Why can’t I return books on Audible?

You’re unable to return an Audible book. You won’t be able to return your book if it says Not eligible for return next to it. The most probable scenario is that you purchased the book more than 365 days ago. “Only a restricted amount of titles may be returned using the internet function,” Audible cautions.

Also, it is asked, How many books will Audible let you return?

Audible mentions two swaps every year somewhere in the fine print. More books are expected to be returned, either directly on their website or via customer support. However, they will not allow you to get more than one audiobook for each Audible credit!

Secondly, Can you return an Audible book after reading?

Return Policy at Audible To return audiobooks, you must be an Audible member. The book must be returned within 365 days after purchase. You will be repaid in the same manner in which you purchased it; if you paid with a credit, you will get a credit back. Even if you’ve listened to a book, you may return it.

Also, How do I return an Audible book in Canada?

How can I get my title back? Sign into your account and go to your Purchase History. Find the book you’d want to return. On a smartphone, tap the book and then tap Return this title. Return this title next to the book on the desktop. Return after selecting your reason for returning.

People also ask, What do I do with finished Audible books?

Your audiobook(s) will stay in your Library even if you delete them from a particular device. Your account will stay active even if you want to discontinue your Audible subscription. This means that whatever device you use to listen to music will always be able to access the titles you paid with a credit or credit card.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I share Audible books?

Simply open your Audible app and tap the “My Library” icon at the bottom of the screen to share an Audible book with a friend. Then locate and touch the three dots to the right of the Audible audiobook you wish to share. “Send this Book” will be one of the choices that appears.

Can I remove books from Audible?

Swipe left on the title you wish to delete from your Audible app, then press the redDelete from device” box. Log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page to remove an Audible book from all of your devices.

Do Audible books stay forever?

Absolutely nothing. You can keep any titles you buy with a credit or credit card forever. We’re sorry about the cancellation. View the membership alternatives available if you’d like to look into different plans.

What happens when you send a book on Audible?

Audible retains the right to remove titles from the program at any time for any reason. It’s possible that the functionality to share audiobook suggestions isn’t accessible in all Audible app versions.

How do I share an Audible book with family?

Answer On the Manage Your Content and Devices page, click the Content tab. Choose audiobooks. Select the Show Family Library option. Choose audiobooks from your collection. You have the following options: Adding to the Library: This will populate your shared library with audiobooks.

Can I gift an Audible book to a non member?

Giving an Audible book as a gift does not need you to be an Audible member. You’ll have all the giving options I’ll detail below if you’re signed in with your Amazon account. If you are not an Audible member, the price of the audiobook will almost always be much more.

Why can’t I delete Books from Audible?

Another option for removing titles from your smartphone is to go to your Library and pressSelect,” then touch “Remove from Device” at the bottom of the screen. It’s vital to keep in mind that deleting titles from your device does not mean they’re gone from your Library!

How do I delete Books from audiobooks com?

Scroll to Books in the Settings app, then hit it. Tap Delete on any audiobook download by swiping left.

Can I cancel my Audible membership and keep my books?

Even if you decide to terminate your subscription, any titles you buy with a credit or credit card are yours to retain forever. With the purchase of an Audible title, you have lifetime listening rights. The titles will remain in your collection as long as you do not return or remove them.

Is Audible free with Prime?

No, an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscription is distinct from a Prime subscription. If you’ve never used Audible Premium Plus, you can join up for a 30-day free trial and get one free credit (2 credits for Prime members) as well as access to the Plus Catalog.

Do I lose my credits if I cancel Audible?

Your credits will be lost along with your other membership benefits if you cancel your Audible Premium Plus membership. It is recommended that you attempt to spend all of your credits before deciding to terminate your membership.

Can I merge two Audible accounts?

Step 1: Log in to your Audible account using your Audible account details and a web browser. Step 2 After logging in, go to the top-right corner and click “Hi, Your username,” then “Account Details” from the drop-down menu. Step 3 After that, you’ll get a message that says “Connect your Amazon account to Audible.” “Merge immediately” is selected.

How much is Audible per month with Prime?

While Audible is not included in your Prime membership, it might be much less expensive. Prime members may receive a month free (or other special discounts, as shown below, subject to change and previous membership status) when they join up for Audible for the first time, but after that you must pay $14.95 per month.

How do credits work on Audible?

To use a credit, just choose the title you want and click the Buy Now with 1 Credit option, followed by Confirm Purchase. The credit will be applied to your order automatically, and you will see a subtotal of $0.00.

How do I delete a collection on audible?

When you return to the Collections area, you will see that you have a new collection. You may remove this collection if you are unhappy with it. On an Android app, long touch this collection and then hit the Delete Collection button in the appearing menu.

How do I cancel Audible membership UK?

How can I cancel in stages? Please visit Log in using your Audible/Amazon account details by clicking or tapping Account Details. Under the text box with your current membership details, click or touch Cancel membership. Select a cause for cancellation and follow the prompts. Return at any moment! .

How do I cancel my free trial of audiobooks?

To cancel your subscription online, go to on a laptop or desktop computer, or contact our customer support staff at 1-855-876-6195 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Does Amazon own Audible?

Audible and Amazon memberships are not the same, despite the fact that Audible is an Amazon subsidiary. Amazon Prime is a membership service that offers a range of perks. Audible subscription comes with its own set of digital audio content perks.

Can I skip a month on Audible?

Yes. Members of Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus on monthly subscriptions may put their accounts on pause once every 12 months. This suspension might last anywhere from one to three months. Customers on credit-earning programs will not get credits while the hold is in effect.

Do Audible credits roll over?

You are not obligated to utilize all of your monthly credits as an Audible member. You may save unused credits from your subscription and use them when you discover your next great listen. These credits are carried over to the following payment month.

Can I share my Audible account with my child?

Yes. With Amazon Household Sharing and Amazon Kids+, Audible allows you to share bought titles with a Child profile.

How much do 3 Audible credits cost?

around $35 USD

How much is 1 credit on Audible?

$14.95 roughly

How much is one Audible credit worth?

How do I unarchive an Audible book?

AnswerTap Choose from the Library menu. To choose a title, tap it. Remove from device (if bought) or Library (if not purchased) (Plus Catalogue title)

How do I cancel my audiobooks subscription on my Iphone?

Log in to your account on Navigate to My Account. To cancel your subscription, click the link.


If you are looking to return a book on audible, you will have to contact the company directly. They will be able to provide you with instructions on how to do so.

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If you have purchased an audible book from Audible, and want to return it, there is a way. You need to contact the company and request a refund. The company will then send you a prepaid shipping label. You can then use this label to ship the book back to them. Reference: how to return an audible book uk.

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