Were Moiraine And Siuan Lovers In The Books?

In The Wheel of Time books, Siuan and Moiraine did both have relationships with men, yet it is still true that their connection was unusually strong. Even among her Aes Sedai peers, Moiraine would counter that it is not a topic for debate.

Similarly, Where is Moiraine and Siuan lovers in the books?

Although there are no overtly amorous exchanges between Moiraine and Siuan in the Wheel of Time volumes, Robert Jordan does hint at a closer bond between the two characters.

Also, it is asked, Does Siuan exile Moiraine in the books?

Moiraine and Siuan seek to direct the Dragon Reborn to their destiny by consulting ancient prophesies. Although there is no exile in the novels, Siuan and Moiraine do operate undercover with the fear of being killed if discovered.

Secondly, Is Moiraine stilled?

TVLine spoke with showrunner Rafe Judkins about the book elements he changed, those he surprisingly retained, and what we can anticipate from Season 2 in the wake of the season’s epic and darkly personal battles, which saw Rand’s confrontation with the character who turned out to be Ishamael leave Moiraine stilled.

Also, Do Aes Sedai sleep with warders?

We have instances dispersed across the series of cases where this kind of personal action does occur, most notably in the Green Ajah, despite the fact that Aes Sedai are often thought to be reclusive and seldom engage in it.

People also ask, Is elaida sedai Black Ajah?

When they make her take the three vows again, Doesine, Pevara, Saerin, Seaine, and Yukiri compel her to confess that she is Black Ajah. Elaida, according to her, is also Black Ajah. When Talene is given the go-ahead to come before the Supreme Council, Saerin conceals her in the White Tower’s lower basement.

Related Questions and Answers

Does LAN sleep with Moiraine?

The absence of physical connection between Lan and Moraine also seems to be emphasized in the program. The program appears to be making a point that Lan and Moraine are not sharing a bed; there was the chaste hot tub scene in the premiere, and now they are watching one warder after another escort their Aes Sedai to bed.

Does LAN love Nynaeve or Moiraine?

Despite his unwavering dedication to Moiraine, Lan (Daniel Henney) is difficult for the other characters to understand due to his stoicism. Even when he develops a relationship with one of the Two Rivers people, the Wisdom Nynaeve, his sense of duty often prevents him from finding his personal pleasure.

Can the Dragon Reborn be a woman?

While the Dragon is obviously a male figure in the novels (mostly due to the fact that men and women get their power from different sources), the television adaptation of The Wheel of Time leaves room for the Dragon to be a female.

Does Moiraine get her powers back in the books?

Lord of Chaos, the sixth installment in the Wheel of Time series, contains Nynaeve’s discovery of a brand-new healing technique that functions as a remedy for gentling and stilling. She was able to revive some of the characters’ One Power channeling powers using it.

Who is the most powerful Aes Sedai?

The strongest Aes Sedai is Nynaeve. Alivia is far more powerful than the Light siders, and Sharina will only become stronger. In my opinion, Alivia is superior than Cyndane at level 20. (Lanfear at 21)

Do Moiraine and LAN end up together?

He is a Warder who was first connected to Moiraine Damodred; after Moiraine’s apparent demise, the connection was transferred to Myrelle Berengari. Later, Nynaeve al’Meara, to whom he was transferred, became his wife.

Is Aes Sedai celibate?

It is not against the law for Aes Sedai to have relationships with novices, but it is not permitted.

Can an Aes Sedai marry?

Although this custom is most prevalent among the Greens, Aes Sedai sometimes marry their Warders.

What happens to Warder when Aes Sedai dies?

Okay, so I am aware that the WoT novels often indicate that when a Warder’s Aes Sedai dies, he not only feels it, but also perishes himself in a fruitless attempt to exact revenge on the Aes Sedai. He essentially goes kamikaze and ends up killing himself.

What did elaida whisper to Rand?

Elaida said her words again with hardly a movement of the lips, and [Rand] could hardly hear her from less than an arm’s distance. “I foretell this as well. The world is filled with suffering and discord, and one guy is at the center of it all. I state it plainly as I obey the Queen,” she muttered.”

Is Gareth Bryne a Darkfriend?

After sensing the intensity of the conflict, Mat orders the Seanchan soldiers under his authority and sends Min to inform Egwene that Gareth Bryne is a darkfriend. Gareth is not there as Egwene searches the command tent for him. Uno, who she encounters, informs her that the backup cavalry troop Gareth had promised him never arrived.

Was LAN raped?

This novel features the rape of both Lan and Mat. Given that the warder link bound them together permanently, Lan is experiencing some very major problems as a result of Moiraine’s “death.” He was once a man, but now he is nothing more than a shell.

What is LAN and Moiraine relationship?

Even though Lan and Moiraine weren’t in a relationship, they did have a very special bond. He suffered a great deal as a result of what she did to him by passing her connection after her death. He saw her die, but he had to track out his replacement Aes Sedai. Consider how each Warder responded to the passing of their Aes Sedai.

Who does Rand end up with in Wheel of Time?

Farshaw, Min Rand only has one paramour who stays by his side constantly, and Min is the second lady to become his companion. While her love keeps Rand grounded and more in touch with his humanity, Min’s grasp of philosophy aids Rand in figuring out how to deal with the Dark One.

Does Perrin love Egwene in the book?

Before now or at any point after this, Perrin never speaks of his love for Egwene. And the reason for it is because he doesn’t love Egwene. She is engaged to one of his closest friends, which strengthens their plutonic platonic bond. He is also offended by Aram’s approaches for this reason, by the way.

Who are Rand’s three wives?

In addition to being unwittingly bound to Alanna Mosvani, Rand is connected to his three loves, Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. His twins are being carried by Elayne. In accordance with Min’s viewings, Aviendha will give birth to four children at once.

Who does Rand Al Thor love the most?

Given that he is prepared to let them go for the most of the narrative, I’m inclined to agree with dragon’s left hand that Rand loves Min more than the other two. Of course, it could also have to do with how strongly Min feels for him since it’s so difficult to get rid of her.

Who is LAN in love with?

Lan swears again to love Nynaeve and makes the decision to accompany Moiraine into the Blight. After Rand’s encounter with Ishamael, who is thought to be the Dark One, he travels into the Blight and arrives at the Eye. As the “Dark One” severed her connection to the One Power, Moiraine informs him that she is unable to break the relationship.

Which book do LAN and Nynaeve get together?

Ch. 31 of A Crown of Swords.

Elayne, the daughter of Taringail Damodred, may trace her claim to the Sun Throne of Cairhien back to her lineage as the direct descendant of Queen Carewin Damodred and the great-niece of King Laman Damodred. She is also Moiraine Damodred’s half-niece.

Who are the 5 possible Dragon Reborn?

The Aes Sedai’s Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) made the decision that the Dragon Reborn must be one of the five young residents of the Two Rivers, namely Rand (Josha Stradowski), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford), Mat (Barney Harris), Egwene (Madeleine Madden), or Nynaeve (Zo Robins).

Will Rand still be the Dragon?

Rand al’Thor (Josh Stradowski), despite all the deviations from Robert Jordan’s novels that the Prime Video series has made, is still the Dragon Reborn. The wool-headed sheepherder with a golden heart who will either fight the Dark One in the Last Battle or ally with him is still the Dragon’s reincarnation.

Who is the next Dragon in Wheel of Time?

It is the central question of the opening season. The Wheel of Time, a new series on Amazon, centers on this question in its first few episodes. The Dragon Reborn is a person. The answer to that question will determine a lot of what happens afterwards. It’s Andor’s Maltese Falcon.

What did Moiraine see Rhuidean?

She knew that if she wasn’t there at the docks that day, Lanfear, a Forsaken who was fixated on him, may seize control of Rand since she had entered a ter’angreal while at Rhuidean that showed her hundreds of potential possibilities.


Moiraine and Siuan were lovers in the books. Moiraine was a powerful Aes Sedai, while Siuan was her student. They both loved each other deeply, but they had different views on how to bring peace and order back to the world.

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