What Happens At The End Of The Book Thief?

Death returns Liesel’s book, The Book Thief, towards the novel’s conclusion when he separates her spirit from her body.

Similarly, What happens at the end of book theif?

After Liesel has lived a very long life in Australia with a spouse, kids, and grandkids, Death finally encounters her, as the epilogue informs the reader. She encounters everyone she ever loved in the hereafter where death restores her memoir, The Book Thief.

Also, it is asked, Who dies at the end of The Book Thief?


Secondly, What happens to Rudy at the end of The Book Thief?

because Rudy passes away before she can learn. Rudy passes away while Liesel is just fourteen. Although he is fourteen as well, Rudy seems to be considerably more certain about his emotions. We find it difficult to see him ever losing love for Liesel, but that may be just because he will always be seen as fourteen in our eyes.

Also, Who did Liesel end up with?

Nevertheless, as I previously said (and this is just my perspective), Max and Liesel DO remain together, albeit maybe not in the sense that some people would assume. But of course, I’m still delighted if people think they really get married and cohabitate.

People also ask, How did words save Liesel’s life?

Words had previously given her a strong voice and rescued her. Death now claims that by keeping Liesel in the basement and out of harm’s path when the bombs fall on Himmel Street, words will really save Liesel’s life.

Related Questions and Answers

Why did Liesel’s mother abandon her?

Meminger, Liesel After her brother dies, her real father “abandons” the family because he is a Communist, and her mother is compelled to place her in a foster home to evade Nazi persecution, she is raised by the Hubermanns.

What does Death say to Liesel?

Death implies that there is something mysterious about people’s tremendous dualism by telling Liesel at the book’s conclusion that he is “haunted” by mankind. This is a significant topic of the novel.

What does Liesel do when she finds Rudy’s body?

Death shows in and removes the most of the souls, but he can still make out Liesel, who is still alive and writing in her basement. Liesel discovers Rudy’s body and gives him a kiss on the lips after being pulled from the wreckage. When she comes to Rosa and Hans’ corpses, she is forced to say farewell to them as well.

What is the age gap between Liesel and Max?

When he came, Max was 24 and Liesel was 11 years old. The gap in age is just 13 years. My married buddies are separated by 14 and 15 years in age. Their connection within the book’s timeframe is unaffected, in my opinion, by wondering or wishing it to be Max.

Why is Death fascinated with Liesel?

Death looks for methods to give his labor purpose, as many people do. He spends a lot of time gathering accounts of brave people. Because of her bravery and charisma, Liesel really interests him. He is kept going by tales like hers.

What is the age difference between Max and Liesel?

Liesel and Max? There is a significant age gap in this situation—ten or eleven years—clearly. Nevertheless, some readers believe their union to be romantic. After their reunion in 1945, several people question whether they get married.

Who bombed Himmel Street?

During World War II, the American Air Force attacked Molching. The German government’s investigation of basements sounded the sirens for three nights of light bombardment. 1943 saw the silent bombing of Himmel Street, which only Liesel survived.

What happened to Alex Steiner?

He is granted leave from the service and goes back to Molching after his family perishes in the Himmel Street explosion. He becomes friends with Liesel, and after the war, he goes with her to Dachau to look for Max.

What finally laid the ghost of Liesel’s brother to rest?

While Liesel apologized to the mayor’s wife (Isla Hermann), the spirit of Liesel’s little brother was finally put to rest. If you recall, the ghost first came to Liesel when she was reprimanding Frau Hermann for terminating the washing service, and she shoved the ghost down the stairs.

How does Death affect Liesel?

Death skips ahead and shows Liesel’s final outcome: she has flourished after the bombing and given birth to fresh life for the world. For her last day, she is granted a sky that is clear and stunning. Death obviously still values her enough to acknowledge her.

How did her brother’s Death affect Liesel?

Liesel lamented the passing of her brother. Together with her mother, she sobbed at the funeral. They spoke briefly in German. The grave digger dropped a book while he was burying her brother.

What were the three times Death saw Liesel?

Death claims to have crossed paths with Liesel three times. White, black, and crimson are the three hues connected to these interactions. What store did Liesel acquire her first book from?

What does Liesel realize about her biological parents?

What does Liesel understand about her biological parents? What significance does this realization have? Liesel is aware that they are both considered Communists and are almost certainly gone. She then starts to hate Hitler as a result.

What does Alex Steiner regret why?

Due to the bombing, Alex Steiner was granted a leave of absence and went back to see Liesel. He wishes he could have been on Himmel Street instead of his kid; he regrets not letting Rudy go away to that school. Although Liesel is embarrassed to admit it, she wanted him to know that she kissed Rudy’s lips after the blast.

Why does Rudy cover his body in coal?

Why would Rudy put coal on top of his body? They both abandoned their families in order to flee for their lives. The Hubermanns had “the finest Christmas ever,” despite having little money for food or gifts. Why? How many medals does Rudy earn at the Hitler Youth Carnival?

What color is the sky when Liesel dies?

ideal blue

What is Death haunted by?

Humans, both good and wicked, and all the ways the two overlap and merge together, haunt death. Humanity is multifaceted and complicated. Even humans themselves may not fully comprehend it, yet the desire to keep going, to learn and to advance endures. Death is perplexed by humanity’s intricacy.

What did Liesel realize when she found Rudy’s body after the bombing?

Because Liesel was writing in the basement, she is the lone survivor. She locates Rudy’s corpse and learns that he has passed away.

Who steps on deaths heart and makes him cry?

He crushes my heart. He causes me to weep (84.18). Finally, Death strikes the Hubermann family. As Death snatches him, Hans can be felt attempting to reach Liesel.

Who does Liesel love most?

When Max presents Liesel with The Standover Man, she starts to adore him. The most devoted character in the book is Death.

Why does Death talk about colors?

Death perceives the whole color spectrum in the sky, linking it to both beauty and ugliness as well as the extremes of mankind. In the end, he concedes that humanity may be both wonderful and wicked at the same time since he is unable to determine whether it is genuinely lovely or hideous. This conflicting character is shown in the novel Mein Kampf.

Why did Death see life in terms of Colour?

Color gives death the ability to step back from each character’s own experiences and see mankind as a whole, as a kaleidoscope of joy and suffering, the holy and profane. It is difficult to describe the flavors of these colors within the framework of the book.

What mistake did Death make at the train line?

Death admits that he erred by allowing himself to develop feelings for the girl. Death steals the boy’s soul as the family gets off the train, but he pauses and looks at the young girl who is the book thief, her tears frozen to her face.

What happens to Max Vandenburg?

Max ultimately prevails due to his tenacity. He makes it through the Holocaust and Dachau.

Why did Max leave his family?

Max, like Liesel, enters the narrative having just suffered a terrible loss. He feels terrible about abandoning his family in order to preserve himself since he views it as a choice rather than a necessary survival action.

Why is Max important to Liesel?

For Liesel, Max creates volumes detailing all she has done for him, as well as how her words and tears have helped to rescue him and give him strength. The Word Shaker, Max’s book, shows how Liesel’s words give him courage and have the power to clear forests of hatred.


The “what happens to max in the book thief” is a question that has been asked for many years. The answer, however, is not so clear. Max does die, but it’s unclear if he dies at the end of the story or at the beginning of the next one.

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